Topic - Vote For ExcelCoin at

Please vote for ExcelCoin at

Once we reach 250 votes the coin will be on the Exchange.

2. Look in the menu and hit addcoin
3. Scroll down and look for EXL ExcelCOIN and use your free vote

Do we have 250 people who own ExcelCoin yet? It looked like half of that were able to purchase the pre-mined and maybe 50 or so at most mining it? The question I think is what is the long term value for ExcelCoin? The EXL tokens are valuable in that they allow me to purchase the new Coins created on the EXL platform! Is there some plan to use ExcelCoin to generate additional EXL tokens? Or what exactly is the motivation to want/buy/hold EXL coins?
My other idea that I could submit as proposal is to create a Coin Exchange on the EXL website that will allow for trading the different coins back and forth. For example, I have Excel Coins now, and some people were not able to buy any, I could post mine for sale to them.
Thank you.

Error; Insufficent NPOINT to vote.
this is what i get when voting

same question like cryptosphere. what exactly is the motivation to want/buy/hold EXL coins? what is special for this coin?