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I am having the same issue.

Maybe Video tutorials would be a good idea!.....

There is youtube tutorial out now. I am adding it to the description now.

I have followed all the video instructions and it\'s still saying out of sync. Can anyone help?

When you install or open the wallet, try to right click and \"Run as Administrator\" and make sure if/when it prompts you for network access that you allow the Public Network access (wi-fi etc). Also, you need to put the config file in the right place and MAKE SURE it is the type of excelcoin.conf [NOT excelcoin.conf.txt (txt file)] The best way to do this is use Notepad++ or Notepad and just save as ALL FILES not as text file. After the .conf file is in the right place then reopen your wallet and it should sync up. Then you can mine if you want.

Hi Creator, did u say u were going to add the mining video tutorial to the description? cuz i do not see a link for it.

I started mining and then it stopped but it is still showing 694 blocks but with no progress. Been almost 36hrs and I\'m still sitting on 150 coins mined.
Also, has there been any more updates when we are able to transfer our mined coins?

Should the wallet sync automatically or does it take it a good while?

Hi creator i have done everything that has been showen on the video tutorial, but still saying \"out of sync\" and down the bottom it says \"two weeks behind\" and \"0 active connection to ExcelCoin network\". So im posting this to see if you could help me on this problem that i have.

Are we able to mine from iPads as well

Do we need to download the source and put it in a particular place? I\'ve been trying to get this going for a week now and still no luck. Followed everything to the T. Can anyone help? Anyone?

I have followed the youtube tutorials and it didn\'t help at all, I saw someone online posting something they did that helped them so I contacted them and it worked so far as the green tick appeared in the right hand bottom corner. This was about 5-6 days ago, I have been checking to see how much has been mined and I have nothing. Please explain that. Thnx

Hey there 76c7accessnow ^^^^^^^^^ what did you see online to make the green tick to appear and mine showing \"0 people connected to network\" so im stuck on this problem can you please help me thank you

76c7accessnow would you be able to tell me the person that you contacted because the creator is not replying at all so would you be able to help me out on this problem

It seems as though everyone mining on all tokens or coins are having problems.. have we all been ripped off!?!?

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