Topic - If anyone has trouble mining or questions please post in this thread

If anyone has trouble mining or questions please post in this thread

How can I start mining

I am having trouble setting up mining configuration. The configuration file is in place and I have run both command lines at the prompt. If the debug log will help I can provide it. It looks like I am looking at the result of a try/catch block.

I am having trouble #1 with the wallet itself. It doesn\'t appear to be connected to anything therefore it cannot sync.
And #2 I tried following the instructions for mining but nothing happens probably due to the wallet not being connected/synced?

Here is a picture of the errors I am getting thanks:

Sorry, i had not allowed access to PUBLIC networks the first time. I retried and now it is syncing...!

I am successfully up and running/mining slowly but surely... is there any script for GPU mining yet? Thanks!

Had this running for 24 hours, and got nothing. Followed the video exactly. Have encrypted, have the green tick, it\'s processing blocks but nothing is coming on the balanced or unconfirmed.

I believe there are GPU/script miners running now because difficulty has jumped out of reach for CPU mining. I haven\'t gotten GPU to work yet... but evidently someone with more experience has and they are cleaning up. It would be nice (and kind) of someone to share the instructions/details how to setup the GPU mining. Thanks! (i was having issues with CGminer... i\'ll try a different one and see if it works.)

I need instruction on how to download linux for mining.

still can\'t mine, cpu is at full but nothing after 2 days, gonna give up until there is a clear fix.
would be interested in getting GPU mining going though, hopefully it\'s nvidia friendly

What procedure did i need to mine coins, all this look so difficult, just bought the token, token is useless without main coins. Admin, common help in assisting new comer like me please

Done everything everyone said still says out of sync and that its catching up on transaction since 2 weeks ago

Mine was doing the same as \'jacobmartin\'s until I saw someone online solving at least part of the issue. So I contacted her and now I have the green tick in the right hand bottom corner, however, after 5-6 days I have nothing mined, Should it have started mining as soon as it synced? If no, then when does it start? If yes, what has happened? Is it a tech problem? The youtube vids are not really helping.

Still having major issues trying to mine!!! Question do we really have to mine???

I have downloaded and installed the config. File. When I try opening the EXL miner software, it returns an error message \"error opening block database\". What can I do to move on. I have been stuck for days.