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What is the difference between the excel token vs the excel coin? Which one will go on the exchange in Oct?

Is 1 excel coin valued at 1 excel token - e.g. If a person purchase 150 EXL coins, their account would be debited 150 EXL tokens?

will EXLcoin always take just 1 token to purchase or take more tokens to buy a coin as the value goes up on the exchange?

How many tokens is equal to one Excelcoin....and then do I need to create a different wallet for the coin?

@Songhai1 - Yes 1 to 1

@dbeamer1 - Yes until they are sold out

@Estarn303 - 1 EXL Token = 1 EXL Coin - No if you do not have an EXL Coin wallet one gets created right when you buy EXL Coins.

Will there be anymore excel coins for sale in the near future?

1 EXL Token= 1 EXL Coin. I have exl tokens in my wallet. When I look into the EXL coins, it says 0. Do I transfer my EXL tokens over to the EXL coins wallet? And how can you deposit the EXL coins onto the nova exchange?

How do I change my coin to money

How do I change my coin to money

How do I change my coin to money

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