BitcoinNano (BTNO)
Coin Info
Algorithm SHA256-PoW
Block Reward 100
Block Halving 210000 Blocks
Coinbase Maturity 2 Blocks
Target Spacing 5 min.
Target Timespan 10 min.
TXT Confirmations 1 blocks
Total Coin Supply 84000000
Status Pre Launch
Price 1 BTNO FOR 1 EXL Token


BitcoinNano(BTNO) is a SHA-256 Cryptocurrency with lightening fast block and confirmation times created specificlly to use in micropayment transactions. 

BitcoinNano(BTNO) fully leverages the Exceleum(EXM) network for speed and reliability. 

I am planning on fast tracking this coin through multiple exchanges. 50% of the coins will be distributed via with the reminaing 50% having to be mined.


Check back often for new details regarding BitcoinNano(BTNO).

BitcoinNano Message Board

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