ReferralPoints (RPNT)
Coin Info
Algorithm Scrypt PoW
Block Reward 50
Block Halving 210000 Blocks
Coinbase Maturity 20 Blocks
Target Spacing 5 min.
Target Timespan 10 min.
TXT Confirmations 6 blocks
Total Coin Supply 30000000
Status Pre Launch
Price Manual Distribution


ReferralPoints(RPNT) is a coin that was created to be used as a reward for referrals. RPNT will be releasing a software package that will allow anyone to integrate, manage, and giveaway to their users on a site and more.

ReferralPoints Message Board

Title Started By Replies Date
Getting RPNT to Coingather cuttingedge 2 September 13, 2017 00:42
ReferralPoints are now live on Creator 0 September 12, 2017 21:21
Please creat buy with token Nofasutanto 0 September 08, 2017 22:53