Contest Coin (CSTC)
Coin Info
Algorithm Scrypt PoW
Block Reward 50
Block Halving 210000 Blocks
Coinbase Maturity 10 Blocks
Target Spacing 5 min.
Target Timespan 10 min.
TXT Confirmations 6 blocks
Total Coin Supply 42000000
Status Pre Launch
Price 1 CSTC FOR 1 EXL Token


Mining instructions will be released when the wallet is released.

Contest Coin is a coin set-up to be utilized primarily by people who are looking for an anonymous way to play games of chance online. The coins are set-up to be decentralized giving individuals complete and anonymous control over where and how they use them. The coin will be using a dual ledger system that not only records the block chain transactions but also records the contest creators contest, prizes, and winners. Participants will be able to trust the contest implicitly and can easily verify and validate via provably fair conventions.

We are currently in development of our website which will offer various games of chance where users can utilize their coins. We will also have an open API and examples setup for gaming operators so they can integrate within their current offerings. This is a massive industry with a tremendous upside.

13000000 Coins are available for EXL Token Holders. The remaining 8000000 are earmarked for distribution to egaming operators, marketing, and other such purposes.

Contest Coin Message Board

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Release Bksprince1 0 November 23, 2017 16:42
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